Adam Katz Sinding & Karl Edwin Guerre always in search for the most original look on streets.

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It takes the eye of an artist to capture images such as those that are on the covers of the biggest names of international magazines.
There are so many street style photographers who define themselves “blogger” or “professional photographer” when they’ re not, and we must make a distinction between those who do it for passion - whose talent is recognized by everyone- and those who, instead, do it just for the desire to appear and emerge. In this jungle of improvised photographers, emerge those who are very talented and they don’t need no flash on them. Defined as “masters of street style” Adam Katz Sinding and Karl Edwin Guerre, also known as Le 21ème (Adam KS) and Guerreisms (KE Wars), are the two most wanted photographers of the moment. Their ability to observe, recognize and highlight some of the details that a simple person would never be able to notice, makes them unique. Their photos, are recognized by their personal eye that captures particolar subject and they result so clear and expressive and seems like it’s telling us a story, highlighting the personality of the subject and not the clothes they wear. The thing that both have in common is the passion for details, small but seemingly insignificant elements that make the difference and those things tell us a side of the person that not everyone is able to capture. Defined “self-madeand self motivated”, Adam Katz Sinding was born in San Francisco, raised in Tacoma, and now lives in New York, but his real home is the most stylish street of the world. His debut with the camera was after his father’s the death. Now is the photographer more appreciated by several fashion magazines around the world. A mix between “artist and intellectual” defines himself the american photographer, writer and art director, Karl Edwin Guerre. He writes for the biggest magazine, but the biggest magazines write about him . The touch of a real gentleman Mr. Guerre is unmistakable.

What capture yo u’re attention when yo u want to take a picture?

Adam : “What attracts my attention more than the original outfit that the person is wearing, is the way it expresses its personality through body language and the comfort that the person feels with the dress that it’s wearing.”
Karl:“The style that dresses the person and not the opposite. I Don’t like the costumes, I want to see the real personality that emerges and not the dress.”

What ’s the differe ce between the se vral countries that yo u’ve been?

Adam : “For me, Europeis one of the continents where you can find different colture and style,is the place where a lots of things are concentrated and has a radical importance”.
Karl: “The culture makes the difference. Everyone has their history, their traditions and that is revealed through the costumes and manifests itself in style. For example, in Europe people are more rebels in the sense that dare to mix different styles, compared to Asian culture “.

Who are yo ur fa vorite fashion designers?

Adam : “I prefer french designers like Celine or Chanel but I also appreciate Proenza Schouler, Stella McCartney, Rick Owens, Boris Bidjan Saberi.”
Karl: “I’m a lover of style and quality that Italian brands have, so I prefer those who reflect this characteristics like Sciamat, Borsalino, Angel English do”.

What ’s next?

Adam : “Keep doing this, expressing my creativity in everything I can do.”
Karl: “I’ve got so many projects and collaborations with several editorials that you will see very soon”.

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